Roach Reefs Resort Malaysia

Dive Sites of Roach Reefs Resort,Tawau, Sabah Malaysia

  1. Twin Peaks (Kashimura / James Point) - depth ranges from 15-20m with sandy slope and coral patches. Twin Peaks consist of 2 big rock boulders which is a very active cleaning station for marine life. You can see schools of snappers, groupers and fusiliers. Besides harlequin ghost pipefish, frogfish and nudibranch are a plenty in this famous side of Roach reefs.
  2. Mid Coral - depth ranges 15-25m of coral reef slope. Healthy soft coral growth with plenty of colorful reef fishes. Normally with mild current and a relaxing drift dive. Nudibranch, harlequin ghost pipefish, frogfish and leaf fish are common sightings at this site.
  3. Mid Rock - very similar to Mid Coral but this site consist more of hard coral as compare to Mid Coral. Jawfish, nudibranch of chromodoris sp., gobies and pipefish are the regulars here.
  4. Corner - as the name goes it is at the one corner end of the reef whereby regular sightings of whale shark, whale and dolphin. Mostly in the month of Apr-May and Nov-Dec! Depth ranges 15-20m, coral patch and slope.
  5. Cardinal Patch - as the name goes, it's the site where cardinals are the main attraction. 15-20m depth, coral patch, lot's of whip coral.
  6. Garden Eel - sandy slope with small coral patches all over. Plenty of garden eel at sandy bottom as well as a goby and blennies heaven.
  7. Viking - the mention of Viking... the thought of ship comes into mind, however this is only the local fishing boat which is of 12m in length. Fairly new wreck but have attracted schools of snappers, fusiliers as well as groupers as resident. Rock cods, barracuda of smaller size and group are regulars. Sitting at the bottom of 18m, this fishing boat also attracts others beauty of the depth such as the nudibranch, lionfish and stonefish.
  8. Barracuda Sanctuary - swirling school of chevron barracuda is the highlight of this site. 10-15m diving depth it's provide huge and healthy table corals, soft corals as well as another active cleaning station.
  9. Bus stop - is a deep dive site with max depth of 30m. 5 units of 44 seater express bus are being sunken to create another wreck site.
  10. Scow - diving depth is between 18-25m depth of sand bottom. Schools of snappers and fusiliers can be seen most the time swimming in the blue. Crocodile fish, stonefish and scorpion fish are also residence.
  11. Lobster Point - diving depth between 15-25m this site is most often with mild current and makes an ideal place for drift dive. Coral reef slope with lot's of colorful coral fishes.
  12. Super market - 12m in max depth, this is another artificial reef made of tyre stack up in slope and is house to the beautiful mandarin fish! Lionfish, stonefish and crocodile fish can also be seen here.
  13. Long jetty (house reef, self dive) 6 am - 6pm

Dawn dive can be very exhilarating as you can almost assure of seeing the Bumphead parrotfish in huge numbers, minimum sighting is 30's (reach to 100's). Swimming blue spotted stingray, ornate ghost pipefish, and our frequent visitor the lone Eagle Ray!

For those diving in Sipadan, the resort features 6 Sipadan Island Dive Permits.


Roach Reefs Resort